Chogall's Stories
Prison part 01


Cold and darkness everywhere… What happened?
One moment, I was riding a motorcycle, in another appeared here at this desolate place. That darkness!
Right after I woke up, soldiers took me and interrogated me. Put towel over my face and pour water on it, so I was unable to breath. They still asked about Darth Vader and the doctor. I didn’t eve know, who the hell is Darth Vader!
After they were not satisfied with interrogation, they started to beat me. It really hurted! It lasted days, months, I don’t know. And then, he came, Darth Vader. As I realised, he is an unpleasant man, if he is even man. He draw his hand to me without touching me. As he was torturing me inside of my mind.
Various pictures, sounds, my deepest nightmares were coming. But, do you know what is the worst? Even when he is not right next to you, it still goes on, I can still see it…