The story about Stormtroopers.


Stormtrooper 1: I don’t know. We’re chasing something unknown for us.
Stormtrooper 2: Even I don’t understand. Commander should let us know, what we’re seeking for. I am fed up of running here and there. What do you think, captain?
Captain : Hmm…
Captain thinks: He is right. Even I don’t understand, I have strange dreams, according to me, they are memories. I remember, that I died on planet Ryloth by Jedi Master Ima-Gun Di’s side. And right after that, I recognize myself serving under The Dark Master and were chasing something or someone.

Captain thinks: Even the commander has strange memories, said he died on the death star, a weapon that could destroy the entire planet.
Stormtrooper 1 :… so I thought, what if we escaped and walke out of that bucket head.
Stormtrooper 2: Stop it, if he heard it, he would kill you.
Captain thinks: …… where this two come from. They look like clones, but they’re not like us. They’re great trained like us, maybe even better. But the weirdest thing is that one of them is a woman. There were no women in the Clone Army.



Stormtrooper 1: But, seriously, we will run away and all will be fine.
Stormtrooper 2: But it will be a rebellion. Stop fooling around, woman.
The Captain thinks: They still don’t know we’re fleeing. We’ve already agreed to the commander and steal the hovercraft.


When Darth Vader had a cup of coffee, he began to look at the choice. His Master assigned him the Stormtrooper. He did not know them, but he did not care, especially that they were listening to his orders
Darth Vader: Captain, the rest is over. Pack up camp and we’re heading south!


Commander: My lord, I am here at your command!
Captain thinks: So let’s do it… Keep your fingers crossed.. .


Commander: Run! Now! Quickly!!! The Hovercraft is in the rear area .. .
Darth Vader: What? What is going on here?


Commander: Chrch .. chrch .. chch.. .
Darth Vader: This is a treason! What do you dare to do, you suckers?! You’ll all die for this. And I shall start with you.. .



Darth Vader: I foresee, we will meet once again, bastards.
Now, I have a task from my Master, but we will settle things then.


Stormtroopers: Hoooray!!! Free at last! We don’t have to look out for some pathetic chosen one.



Captain thinks: We are free now, but what’s next? I was dead and now I live again. How and where did this happen? Who made it and why? We should find it out sooner, before this Bucket-head gets us.