Stormtroopers #3

Sad Stormies lost their sense of life.


After Natasha and Captain America arrived and left their vehicles unguarded, because they rushed to help Ironman. As we know, they arrived just in time.
Stormtroopers were really desperate, as their captain’s condition went from bad to worse. Time for desperate actions. Therefore they decided to take a car, that was here unattended.
Stormtrooper: „Captain, hold on a bit longer. We will get you into this car and take you to the doctor. She will stitch you up. Hold on, captain!


Our heroes found out, that the car they took is too small. They pushed captain into rear part of the car. Driver pushed down the gas pedal and Stormtroopers went to the hospital where doctor Elsa worked .. .


Our fighter got into hospital, where they seeked desperately for Dr. Elza. But they found out she disappeared few days ago without a trace. Luckily, Stormtroopers knew about one place where she possibly could be. Abandoned toy factory could by her hiding spot. Captain’s heart stopped several times during their travelling, but his troopers were not giving up. And it payed off. Dr. Elza was found exactly where they predicted. Deep underground Captain was put on the surgery table, more dead than alive.

Stormtrooper: Doctor, you are our only salvation. Captain is dying, please, help him. Please!
Dr. Elza: Of course, I will help you, my little children. I will have to operate him, this won’t be for your sight. Go out and have some good time, rest a bit and return tomorrow. I will have news for you about his condition… So, go little children, go.. .



Our heores went very unwillingly out. They arrived at place, where all of this madness occured. Many people were standing in front of that building, dressed variously even as our Stormtroopers.
Finally, they got inside, they saw many chairs. They took their places and waited. Lights went off and the movie begun. It was called Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
They liked the uniforms of the First Order’s soldiers. But at the end of movie, something happened and our Stormtroopers felt something they definitely shouldn’t.



After they saw the movie, they met a lot of people, went to dinner in a restaurant, were strolling the city hand in hand. They were absolutely not tired, typical for freshly lovers. Next morning after a night without sleep they went to caffeteria to have a #cake and morning coffee.


After that, a difficult return to tue undergound toy factory awaited our heroes, to find out, whether captain survived this night.
Dr. Elza: I am sorry to announce that, but he didn’t make it. His injuries were so severe, I was unable to do anything with it. Tell me, my children… Who did this to him?
Stormtrooper (boy): We crossed paths with two monsters. One was green and insanely furious. Second was red, a machine probably. They hit us during our escape away from Darth Vader.
Dr. Elza (puzzled): You escaped from Darth Vader?
Stormtrooper: Yes, things we did for him were irrational. So we went to complete riot.
Dr. Elza was looking for a long time to eyes of our heroes. She showed surprise, as well as understanding.
Dr. Elza: My little children, run away and take care of yourselves! Even I will have to hide as Darth Vader will focus me as well. Run away, my children, as fast as possible. Leave the captain here, I’ll take care of his body. Run!


It was devastating for our heroes. Their captain left them forever. Beside this, they had to leave hastely his body, without a chance to say goodbye. Their mind was shadowed by sorrow and pain. They cried whole night.
What would the do? How would their lives continue? Fortunately, they still has each other, an unexpected love to share.


Days were passing and our Stormtroopers finally reached their peace with captain’s death. Still, there was a shadow above them, but love healed everything quickly.
Life went on and brought new situations and challenges. But none will be too difficult for our cloned soldiers in love.