Stormtroopers #2

Story about Stormtroopers hit by Ironman and Hulk.


Stormtroopers freed themselves, they didn’t have to do pity tasks and enjoyed their freedom much. They visited High Tatras, small mountains in the middle of the Europe.


Stormtroopers managed to meet the creators in the café.


They tried mountain climbing.


They searched through shores of the Mediterranean Sea.


So they travelled down the countryside roads and suddenly.. .
Stormtrooper: What? What the hell is this?


Suddenly, crash occured. Bodies were flying everywhere. Captain felt excruciating pain, as shockwave broke his ribs. One stormtrooper got stuck in a hovercraft, that got covered in fire.. .


Stormtrooper thinks: I saw something red and green flying against us. I was thrown away and hit the ground hard. And then, just darkness. What is that smell? Something is burning probably. C’mon, remember your training. Get up soldier, defend yourself, you got everything what you need. SO, GET UP!!! .


After Stormtrooper got up, he looked around himself. The second soldier luckily escaped from burning hovercraft. Meanwhile, enemies disappeared, just an echo of fight sounded from far.
Stormtrooper: Lets have a look what happened to captain.


Stormtrooper 1: Captain is seriously injured. His ribs are fractured and he suffered several internal wounds. I don’t know whether he survives.
Stormtrooper 2: We won’t let him die. He is our brother, our captain. Hide him for now, and take care of him as good as possible. I will go to search a bit, to see what’s going on.


Stormtrooper moved carefully as he finally spotted their enemies. There were two big monsters fighting each other. He starred, amazed, how intense this conflict was. Desire to join and avenge his captain was strong in him, but he was no match for enemies. With doubts in him, decision to return back was made.


Stormtroopers created post, but captain was still not stable. They just had to wait, how things will go on.
Stormtrooper: I hear a sound of an engine. Lets hide, somebody is comming…