Story about young love.


Young love :)


Coffeetime :)


Our couple of Stormtroopers took a loan on the motorbike .. .


Our Stormtroopers choosing a motorbike.


After buying motorbike, it’s time to trip.


Our Stormies after arrived to destination, they are searching accommodation .. .


Stormies found a cozy accommodation. They were slept in a small cottage. And now they sail on a cruise ship.


After a pleasant stay, full of bathing, craziness in the water, it is time to move away. Stormies stopped in the restaurant Airplane for lunch.


When Stormies ate good food, they hit the road. Suddenly, the gardener Bob overtook them. He is rushing home to his wife Jessica.


Stormies completely frustrated of overtaking, they increased speed to 200 km/h. As expected, look who stopped them.


Police officer: „Traffic control, your personal id card and driving licence.“
Stormie: „Oh, my, do we need also that?“
Police officer: „You’ve got to be kidding me.“
The talk continued this way and policemen were getting more and more nervous. They finally decided to arrest the Stormies.
But they were acting in thought, that our Stormies won’t – how it is said? – resist arrest.


I will say it again: Give up, you‘ re under arrest!


Finally, a shootout burst out. Bullets and blaster flew everywhere. Somebody’s blaster hit a police car and it flew up to air. Cops were not able to match genetically designed soldiers with hard training. It was all over after few seconds and the cops were dead.
Stormie: Hmm .. it was as easy, but we should disappear quickly.


Stormies got up the motorbike and started quickly. Place of fight was left behind. Everything seemed ok. But still something was not right. It was just a fleeing, elusive feeling.
Jay Stormie: Kay, do you think we’re being watched by something.