Story about Natasha and Captain America will attempt to save Ironman.


Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow heard Captain America’s call for help. Hulk, distracted by an unknown attacker, is destroying everything around him. As she is the only one who can calm down Hulk, she decided to rush for providing help.


Natasha was going closer to the palce of last Captain America’s call. She sees two arguing persons in a distance and one little being.
Wonder woman: You pervert! Do you want to use this little creature to pick me up? It is so pathetic.
Deadpool: Groot, tell me, isn’t she heavenly gorgeous?
Groot agrees happily: I’m Groot.


Natasha: I finally found you. Are you ok?
Cap: Yeah, I’m fine.
Meanwhile, in the distance.
Wonder woman: How dare you to touch my ass? And you, little prick, are supporting him? That’s for saving you?
Groot (apologizes): I’m Groot.
Deadpool: C’mon, hon‘, you now we are meant to be here with each other. It’s a love at first sight.
Wonder woman could not held her emotions and she attacked Deadpool.
Deadpool: Should I consider it as a foreplay? :-D


Wonder woman and Deadpool are fighting each other. She is angry, he takes it as a foreplay. Deadpool can’t help himself and hits Wonder Woman’s ass. Completely red, she cuts his arm off.
Deadpool sarcastic: You serious? I thought we’re just flirting.
Groot sadly: I’m Groot.
Wonder woman: What were you thinking, you pervert? I’ll cut you into pieces.. .
Meanwhile, Natasha and Cap decided not to interfere in this quarrel. Deadpool will learn a lection, still they got really late. Time to stop Hulk.



Nat: Hey, Cap, this is the woman who cut off Deadpool’s arm. Care to take a look? We can find also who are the other masked guys.
Cap: We can‘ t do that, Nat. Hulk will destroy everything meanwhile.


Natasha and Captain America, after delayal with Deadpool and Wonder Woman, and minon stay in the cinema, almost went to Justice League movie, finally set for their journey.


Lets leave Natasha and Captain America on their way and see how the fight between Hulk and Ironman continues. After they flew over Stormtroopers‘ hovercraft and made some rollovers. Ironman recovered as first and decided to strike as fast as able.



But before Ironman could fire, Hulk jumped on Veronica. He pulled her on the ground and was tearing her apart, piece by piece. It was obvious that Hulkbuster won’t be able to last so long, so Hulk opened Veronica slowly to get Ironman.


Hulk has finally beaten, or destroyed, what was left between him and Ironman. There was nothing left in Hulk’s mind, except of idea to kill Ironman. Ironman faced death many times before, but he knew, that now it is definite. He won’t escape. So he closed his eyes, thinking about his dead parents, also Peper.. .


Natasha and Captain America arrived finally at place, where Hulk should be. Sounds of fight and demolition echoed in a far. Hulk have to be close.
Natasha thinks: I hope we came in time. If Banner would kill Tony, I would have never forgiven myself.. .


Our heroes arrived just in time, so Natasha sung a lullaby for Hulk.
Natasha: Hey, big guy, the sun is getting really low.. .


After Natasha used her lullaby, Hulk was finally calmed down. Nobody ended seriously injured, no dead. Truth is, that Hulk didn’t changed back to Banner, but at least, he was peaceful and that mattered. Tony escaped from Veronica’s remnants.
He felt pity for her destruction, but he was glad that he survived.
So our gruop went to car and motocycle, by which Natasha and Cap arrived. But something is missing.
Cap: Something is not here.. .
Natasha: Where is our car? Steve left it hiere, didn’t he? Don’t dare to tell me that we, Avengers, were robbed?