Reunion #2

The story about Justice League ..


After angry Wonder Woman cut Deadpool’s arm off for slapping her ass, she continued with her attack.
Wonder Woman: „As I-told-you-I-will-cut-you-in-to-ti-ny-pie-ces.“ With each syllable, she swung with sword, Deadpool deflected her hits barely with single arm.
Meanwhile, little Groot started to run to an incoming familiar face – Gamora.


Wonder woman noticed, somebody else came. She considered this newcomer as threat. That’s why she sharply kicked Deadpool away, who remained surprisingly quiet, as he was so wounded. She turned to Gamora.
Wonder woman: „What are you doing with my little one? I saved him, I take care of him.
Gamora didn’t like it, so she growled and pulled out her sword.
Groot, afraid, but also calming: „I’m Groot?!“
Another epic fight can be felt in the air.


It a time of clash of the champions.


Wonder woman attacking .. .



In the middle of fight, suddenly Wonder Woman’s direction changed. She was moving incredibly fast. It took a while to realise, that Flash is carrying her.
Wonder woman: Barry, you can’t, simply can’t take me like this in the middle of the fight.
Flash: Superman sent me to assemble the whole Justice League together, we have an important task to do.


Batman: Harley.. .
Harley: Batsy, batsy.. .


Batman: Harley, you are so wonderful and amazing. I like your hair very much.. their smell, texture…
Harley would be completely red, if she wouldn’t have so pale skin.
Harley: Batsy, what’s up with you? You are flattering me, but.. .
Batman: As far as I know, you don’t have a boyfriend right now. Joker cheated on you and betrayed you in a way, I would like him to.. .
Harley: Batsy, pssst.
She moved her head towards Batman, their lips closing, when Flash appeared suddenly..


Flash: Batman, Superman calls you, we have an important task to do.
Batman: Flash, wait. I am working here on something, you know.. .
Flash made a grin smile: Sure, but it would be good to put personal affairs aside. Superman was really puzzled, it is a serious business certainly.
Batman: Sure, sure… Harley, I have to go.. .
Harley: Batman, you are leaving now? Like all guys before? Phe… hero, for sure!
So, Batman got onto his Batcycle and statred with Flash towards Superman. Harley smiled with irony. She will find out, what is so important Batman had to left her like this.


Flash a Batman are speeding towards Superman with high speed .. .


As it snowed, the road was covered with snow and ice. Batman with Flash were speeding insanely. Suddenly, Batman’s cycle slided, but he tried to balance it, however unsuccesfully, therefore he piked with his vehicle into snow pile.


So, almost whole Justice League was assembled in front of the hospital.
Superman: „Flash, thank you for finding almost everyone and where is Cyborg?“
Flash: „Couldn’t find him, might be playing somewhere with dies.“
Batman: „What’s happening, Superman?“
Superman: „My good friend, Mr. Farty was kidnapped. I took a look around and saw noone, except of one sanitor. It was difficult to find anything, as he was under influence of some spell like this. According to his words, a strange man in a weird black costume took him. In addition to this, he had a strange mas, breathing heavily.“
Wonder woman: „I met him and yes, he is really dangerous opponent. Wielding a lightsaber at master level, possess the ability of casting. He might control thinks and bend will of men. Did he kidnap your friend?“
Superman: „Yes, this is totally him.“