Lego Story

The story about battle Veronica vs. Hulk


After I finished that task for my master, I rested a bit. Went to some trips, visited several beautiful places. There was nothing better, than rest my feet and get a cup of a good coffee.
But my lazy time was about to end. My master calls me again.. .


Master: Anakin, time has come to prophecy to be fulfilled.
Darth Vader: Do not call me Anakin, I am Darth Vader. I am an evil Sith lord, I cannot be called Anakin.
Master: Anakin!!! Find the chosen one, who masters the art of reviving dead. Remember, he must be at the edge of death.
Darth Vader: Yes, master… .


Darth Vader: Find the chosen one, find the chosen one. Why it is still the chosen one? Why is this still a prophecy? And what is this prophecy actually? What is this prophecy about? What has the chosen one to do? Probably, he will have to save the world even at the cost of his happiness. Even I was the chosen one and look what happened to me. By the way, why do I have to do all by myself?
Well, I will finish my coffee and start looking for him.
Will Anakin… sorry… Darth Vader find the chosen one? You will know very soon .. .



Now we will look how Captain America ended.
Captain America woke up from a blow, that stunned him. His head was aching and his sight was not better. But he was recovering, his condition was getting better very swiftly .. .
Captain America: That black guy was very strong, he defeated me. I swear I could hear Hulk. I don’t know where are the reinforcements. Never mind, I have to find him and question him, who or what is he.



Captain America: Finally, reinforcements arrived .. .
Tony, where were you? I was troubled and lost a fight. I have never seen enemy like that before .. .


After Ironman landed .. .
Deadpool: Eh… help, maybe .. .
Ironman: Did you miss me, Captain? Who defeated big Captain America? Tell me about it.. .
Capitain America: He was a very strong fighter, who mastered magic or so. I was frozen completely and could not move. I saw how he gained control over Hulk and sent him somewhere.. .
We have to find Hulk and this curious stranger soon, before any disaster may happen.. .


Right then Hulk arrived and smashed everything around. Ironman saw him in time, so he could fly away from Hulk’s reach. Captain America was not so lucky.. .
Ironman: Time to call Veronica into action.. .
Deadpool: Such a wonderful green monster and I am taking a rest in combat… ahh.. .


Few moments later, Veronica arrived, weapon designed especially for stopping Hulk. It begun to connect slowly with Ironman.


The body was connected.. .
Veronica’s systems started to connect with Ironman’s circuits.. .


Legs were connected, arms as well, head of Veronica was attached too, everything ready for fight ..


The fight has begun and you will know soon how it ended.