So, love between Bob and Jessica was restored. Both were so happy, that everything went well in the end. Our couple once again in love sat into a car and set for their home.


Our couple was so interested in themselves, that they didn’t hear that noise around. Explosion sounds, gunfire and fight sounded all around. Suddenly, everything went quiet. Hulk fell onto a car destroying him completely. Bob and Jessica fell off the car luckily, remained lying unconsciousness.


Hulk and Darth Vader were fleeing as they were defeated by superheroes (more at story Battle). Hulk jumped on the car and crushed it, turned around, decided he will stomp even Bob and Jessica.
Darth Vader: “Hulk, let it be! We have no time, they are right behind us! Our master has more important task for us to do. Necromancer has awaken…”


Jessica woke up, traumatised, but without a harm. She slowly moved next to Bob. After she leaned above him, it couldn’t be obvious any more.
Bob, lying on that cold ground, still smiling, died. And Jessica felt as she died with him as well.


A part of Jessica died, but another was born. It was an anger and desire for revenge. She was raging and crying at the same time. And in the middle of all that chaos, a decision was made. She pick up a cell phone and called Jay. He and Kay Stormies are trained soldiers, they will learn her how to fight for sure.

Her waiting last shortly and Jay really came. He understood immediately what happened and helped her to get on his motorcycle saying no word and they set for a trip. They left a destroyed car, Bob and all previous Jessica’s life there.

And so Furious Jessica was created.


Few months passed. Jay and Kay didn’t ask much, they still remembered as they lost their captain. They knew how much it hurts. Jessica really wanted to fight, so they taught her. Jessica’s progress was amazing, she was a natural talent. Driven by a desire for revenge…


Jessica is learning shooting…


The training is over and it’s time to relax. Jay and Jessica are going on a motorbike trip…


Jay and Jessica decided to go over the field road. Jay has heard the strange sound the same way as it was last year. It was a small airplane.


That small plane belonged to Falcon. He flew around and exactly at the same moment a car took over our Stormtroopers and blocked them. Natasha Romanoff got off the car. On the top of the vehicle Falcon landed.

Natasha: “I finally found you. You stole my motorcycle.”
Jay: “No, we didn’t. We bought it from a seller, it has to be a huge mistake.”
Natasha: “Can’t be, this motorcycle is just one. Return it to me.”
Jay: “As I just told you, I didn’t steal therefore I am not returning anything.”
Jessica was furious under the helm. This are the Avengers who killed her Bob…


Natasha: “This is your last chance…”

Black Widow didn’t manage to finish the sentence.
Jay drew a blaster with a speed of lightning and shooted the motorcycle. It exploded and explosion knocked out Jay. He flew a couple of meters.
Jessica loaded automatically and pointed the blaster at Avengers…


Jessica emptied her mind. Only senses and reflexes remained. She shooted, hitting Falcon into his chest. Then she jumped into a cover behind the second motorcycle. She fired again, almost hitting Natasha…


Rough shootout provided more luck to Jessica. She hit also Natasha, knocking her out. Falcon slided on the floor, barely breathing.

Jessica came to him, put her helmet off, to stare directly into Avenger’s eyes. Their gazes met. Our heroine stared at him with no mercy, telling the obvious.

Jessica: “This is for Bob…”

And she blew a bullet into Falcon’s head…


Jessica looked at Falcon and the headshot with satisfaction. She turned around slowly and checked Jay. Though unconscious, he didn’ seem to be hurt badly. Avengers won’t need their car, Jessica thought wantonly. She put Jay into the car and set back home…