Toy Factory

The story about Harley discover secrets ..


Hey, guys. This is Harley Quinn, the Queen of Gotham. We know how Avengers celebrated Christmas, Justice League celebrated Christmas, blah blah blah…
I think it is time for really good story, let’s say, about me, perhaps.. .


So, time for a story.
Batsy, Batsy, you are a wonderful man, just between us, you know…
After he left me so suddenly and roughly, I tracked him and his fast friend. I was laughing my ass off, as he piked with his Batcycle into that pile of snow. I watched him into hospital, he was clearly searching for someone. After his band left, I seduced a janitor, who told me everything.
Batsy was searching for a doctor, treating his mysteriously vanished friend. So, I looked around and asked my sources. I found out, that this doctor hides herself in an old toy factory.
I am heading there now, to be faster than Batman. Maybe I capture him and he will pay his attention to me… And then, I will break his heart.


Before I go to see a doctor, I will go to celebrate New Year. Maybe I can change my dress and see Mr. J. ❤. So, lets go! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 😀🎈🎉🎆👍 .


Celebration Happy New Year 2018


After wild party at the end of the year, Harley met Mr. J. After a passionate debate, full of blame and lies, a fatal love connected them. And after a wild night, full of love and sex, Joker betrayed her and left once again slapdashly.
Harley was alone again, with her love, anger and despair. Her attention returned back to Batman and what she wanted to do to him. So, she sat up on her motorcycle and headed to the toy factory, where the lost doctor should be.
After a long search she really found her, well hidden undeground.
Dr. Elza: Why is this not working? Half a year I am trying to revive you, but still without success. All of my attempts went in vain.
I am trying to restore his brain, just like before, but suddenly, it is not working! Maybe, I will have to go back to my laboratory, even after I swore, that not even my leg will would touch that ground.. .


Dr. Elza: Why are this bodies so heavy? And I have to do this alone. I will have to create some minions to help mi with stuff like that. Just like old times, when her father lived, he had enough material for experiments, for carrying things and for fun as well.
Harley was amazed by what she saw. She didn’t know that dead can be revived. As doctor’s attempts to draw the body weren’t without noise, it was easy or Harley to get out.
After a while, doctor appeared too, pushing deceased body to the back of the car, swearing like and old man. She got into car, started the engine and left away.


Harley was really interested in. Reanimation of dead people, that’s the sh!t. She completely forgot about Batman and revenge as she was deep within own plans creation. To have an army of practically indestructible soldiers, what villain wouldn’t like that? They travelled for a long times, hundreds of kilometers. Harley was planning to rule the world, therefore she didn’t notice a dark shadow behind her and the red flash caught her attention for the very last moment, just in front of her.



Harley was stopped suddenly, she was thrown away from her motorcycle and flew few meters ahead.
Darth Vader halted motorcycle with the Force and cut it with lightsaber into halves. Smell of burnt metal and waste fumes of motor still running were felt in the air.
Harley was confused. So close to the doc and suddenly, this black suited guy. Maybe the one, that was so talked about…


Harley hit the ground roughly. Her body ached for a while, then she lost consciousness. Darth Vader was getting closer. He knew, that his prey won’t escape and reveal all of her secrets.
Then, Batcycle arrived, her saviour was here…


Batman raged as somebody dared to hurt Harley. That really pumped adrenalin into his veins. And that shoudln’t be happening. For he is Batman, the defender of justice and she is the queen of Gotham underground. This really can’t go together.
But Batman didn’t have time for this confused thoughts. Darth Vader turned to him, fear spreading around himself and the certainity, that nobody will escape. Batman resisted his worries and ran against Vader, with purpose to hurt him as badly as he can…



Darth Vader: “So you are Batman, the dark knight? Fool dressed like a bat. I didn’t know, that this woman is so close to you. My reports claim, that you are enemies.”
Batman just run calmly and was prepairing for an attack in a meantime.
Darth Vader: “You are no match for me, not even with your superpowers. I don’t even know, what are your super powers. Soldiers, surround him and if he tries something, kill that woman.”
Batman stopped, as soldiers appeared around him and one of them was pointing with his gun to Harley. He was considering, whether to start a fight or not. Will he risk her life, or for now, he would retreat. It is strange, that in strained situations people are sensing details, just like Batman now. Harley was lying unconscious, still stunningly beautiful.
So he decided, lowered his Batarang, there was no sense in threatening her life.
Darth Vader: “So, Batman, you will go with me, you and that women will reveal to me everything, you know.”