The story about a horrific prison ..


Cold and darkness everywhere… What happened?
One moment, I was riding a motorcycle, in another appeared here at this desolate place. That darkness!
Right after I woke up, soldiers took me and interrogated me. Put towel over my face and pour water on it, so I was unable to breath. They still asked about Darth Vader and the doctor. I didn’t eve know, who the hell is Darth Vader!
After they were not satisfied with interrogation, they started to beat me. It really hurted! It lasted days, months, I don’t know. And then, he came, Darth Vader. As I realised, he is an unpleasant man, if he is even man. He draw his hand to me without touching me. As he was torturing me inside of my mind.
Various pictures, sounds, my deepest nightmares were coming. But, do you know what is the worst? Even when he is not right next to you, it still goes on, I can still see it…



Cold and darkness were everywhere… Where am I?
As time passes, I’m unable to determine, where am I. I don’t even know, what day it is. That scary dreams tear my soul apart. I want to die, it will be better for me…



Am I alone here?
My mind is sensing neither pain, nor horrific dreams.  I don’t see neither light, nor darkness. But soon, my love will come… he is here, Mr. J. He is so unique, so wonderful…
Do you think I am really losing my mind? Insanity arises, I like it much…
Death… Love… Fear… he is here, Mr. J… Darkness and cold…



Did he come as well?
Mr. J, where are you? Where are you, my love?!
Ahh, Batsy came too. He is such a powerful, strong man. I would like to seduce him. I would like to sleep with him. Use him and dispose of him.
Yes, I think I am dying now. Ahh… how sweet this is…




Light. Maybe this is the true face of death. Maybe Batsy is dead too, as he is here. Please, take me to your arms and get me far away from here…

Batman took Harley into his arms and took her out of prison cell. He was injured similarly as she, physically and also on soul. But friends found him and liberated before he could go mad. He will take her to safety and then the time for revenge will come. He will slash that Darth Vader into tiny, little pieces…



Batman gave Harley to Flash, who take her far away to safety. Only now Batman realised he appeared in the middle of the fight. Full of anger and hatred he rushed into first Stormtrooper and pierced him with his boomerang.

Wonder Woman was slashing like mad and searching for more prisoners.

None of our heroes sensed, that Darth Vader has so many soldiers, basicly whole army. Incomplete Justice League was waiting for an arrival of man of steel…



Stormtroopers jumped out of every door, every corner. Wonder Woman was deflecting an attack of two soldiers, another were coming continuously. They were well armed and trained. Batman got cornered, Flash was saving another prisoners. Our heroes were in deep trouble, but the worst was just coming.

There was this sound of breathing behind the corner. Wonder Woman was Amazonian warrior, she felt no fear, except now, as her skin got chilled. That scary dark guy in the mask is here…



Everything got quiet, even moaning of wounded. Just one sound, Darth Vader’s breathing. Nothing moved. Our heroes were under tension. Everything ready, pawns on place. Wonder Woman breathed in and suddenly “WROOOM” echoed as lightsaber went on. Big battle is about to start…


Wonder Woman whispered: “A Believer.”

And after that, everything started to move. Flash ran and rammed all Stormtroopers, who were able to be hit. Batman desired for a revenge, he want to clash at Darth Vader, but Stormtrooper blocked his way. Wonder Woman’s skin got chilled, but she attacked Darth Vader with all her strength.
When their swords met, he looked into her soul and saw her fear, that little frightened girl.
Phe… this are not warriors worth his combat skills. It won’t last long.
Diana knew, she can’t defeat him, but she was buying time, hoping Superman will arrive. He can defeat Vader for sure…


Batman saw, how Wonder Woman attacked Darth Vader as in slow-motion movie. Same as Flesh left. Nearest soldier slowly pointed his gun. Batman was so glad he has his batarangs back. Fury returned and with it reflexes as well.

He threw his first batarang at Stormtrooper, who wanted to sneak on Wonder Woman from behind. Then turned around and pierced another Stormtrooper’s throat. Blood was shining on the victim armour. Batman continued to move, seeking for another target.


Stormtrooper hit by batarang felt on the floor. Wonder Woman had no idea of chance being attacked from behind. She was totally focused on her fight with Darth Vader.

He is skilled and powerful warrior. He didn’t fight only with sword, but with mind as well.  Continuously trying to invade her head and in those short moments, when he succeeded, it was terrifying. She saw the fall of her empire, death of her mother. But Diana wasn’t giving up. Faith in herself and belief in her friends helped her.

Where is Superman?!


Darth Vader lost patience. He charged in a blink of an eye, Wonder Woman barely evaded his lightsaber, but lost her defensive stance. Darth Vader kicked her away sharply and immediately after this, lift Batman and Flash with the Force.

Darth Vader: “Enough! You fought bravely, but you are done!”


An important moment of whole battle came to happen. It might be decided who will lose and who win. Batman and Flash were flattering in Force capture, exhausted Wonder Woman was getting up using all strength in her. Darth Vader triumphed.

Darth Vader: “Kill them!”

Stormtrooper with RPG aimed and fired…


RPG Rocket almost hit Darth Vader, its flames weathered the mask of Sith Lord. A thunderous explosion echoed. Blastwave tumbled all down, except of Darth Vader, standing still on his feet surprisingly. Also fascinating was, as he still held Flash and Batman with the Force, even they were weathered by explosion flames. Wonder Woman, who just got up, flew over the room, hit the wall hard. And she fainted…


All of three unconscious heroes were thrown out through the hole in the wall by Darth Vader. He did this immediately after he choke that moron RPG Stormtrooper with Force . Darth Vader doesn’t tolerate mistakes.

Wonder Woman woke up to cold and chill. She lied on the ground of prison yard. Batman and Flash were barely breathing and not moving at all.
“So, we lost. We knew this from the beginning, but I was hoping that Superman will come. Hopefully, this Darth Vader and his army would give us quick death,” thought Wonder Woman.


As it used to be, in times of greatest despair, a hero comes. Hero symbolising goodness, love and justice. And so Superman came to save his friends from grasp of Darth Vader.