The story about battle between Darth Vader and superheroes.


Superman landed, was slowly walking towards Darth Vader. He knew enough about Darth Vader manipulating doctor to prepare Mr. Farty for transport away from the hospital. Then, this villain did something, that nobody seen him and disappeared with his friend on the edge of life and death. He kidnapped him who knows where, but Superman found this Vader in the middle of the battlefield, his friends were unconscious. But he didn’t want to spill blood of the soldiers without purpose, they might be manipulated similarly as the doctor.
Darth Vader knew, that this opponent won’t be just a piece of cake. Strength, certainity and anger spread from him. He didn’t know, what to expect of this opponent. He didn’t knew what to expect. He didn’t even know his abilities, but the Force whispered to him to be alerted. But for now, he will not rely on stupid soldier, instead will kill him by himself.
Superman: “So, I finally found you. I know you kidnapped my friend, Batman and Harley. Therefore it is a time for surrended or fight. I advice you the first option!”
Darth Vader didn’t speak a word, just gripped the hilt of lightsaber more tightly.



Superman used his deadly eyes without any warning.
Darth Vader deflected his attack with lightsaber in the last moment. He realised, that this opponent might be superior to him, but didn’t gave up…
Meanwhile, other warriors got engaged, Batman and Flash regained consciousness. They gathered up quickly and attacked their enemy.



Batman left Darth Vader to Superman and was seeking for new targets. Lasers flying everywhere, so he decided to neutralite the hovercraft, especially a pilot and a gunner…


Wonder Woman strenghtened by Superman’s presence joined the fight again…


Flash engaged as fast as able. He took out the gunner, the attacked the hovercraft…


Meanwhile, Superman jumped to Vader. He interrupted Vader’s lightsaber strike. Lord Vader knew, that without reinforcements he will be forced to retreat. Superman was a superior enemy in fact.


Our heroes were winning slightly and odds were turning into their favours. But they had to take in matter, that Darth Vader is not a fighter who gives up easily.
In another moment, the situation on the battlefield has changed. Another heroes appeared…



Even Avengers seeked and investigated for a long time who took over a Hulk under control. Finally, they managed to succeed and arrived in the middle of the battle. Everyone was ready to battle, Hulk was the most eager of them…




The fight was raging everywhere. Many stormtroopers died or were wounded. But also some of our heroes got injured. Flash got hit after he stroke a soldier on the hovercraft. Natasha was injured with the blaster shot. Hulk was enjoyed destruction as always. Attacked AT-RT walker and pulled it down easily….


The fight finally ceased itself. Eight persons remained standing. Justice League and Avengers were catching their breath silently, looking at Darth Vader. Alone, without soldiers, but definitely not powerless. Other heroes realised that too.
Darth Vader smiled under his mask, sharply turned towards Hulk, who was devastating a hovercraft still. Force control was easier to restore than Darth Vader expected…



Just a flash appeared in Hulk’s eye, next moment he hit Ironman with full strength, then focused Captain America. Darth Vader used the moment of surprise efficiently, threw Wonder Woman away with the Force. Black Panther and Batman looked at each other, puzzled. Batman felt as a fire of revenge arises inside of him. This attack on Darth Vader will be destructive.


Black Panther fought with Darth Vader bravely, but he couldn’t match him. Vader hit him with his lightsaber hardly, squeezed with Force so intensively, he was unable to breathe.
Batman felt this is his moment. All rage and hatred awoke a great power inside of him. The time of revenge has come, for all this monster had done. Batman jumped on Darth Vader, swung the saber out of his hand and paralysed him completely…



Captain America was pushed by Hulk to the ground. It didn’t look well for him, but luckily, Supermand intervened.
Hulk felt somebody closing. He turned around and saw Superman. That Superman who caused him a lot of pain, even twice! Despite enormous anger Hulk realised, it wouldn’t be wise to strike him back…



Hulk backed off and started to retreat without further engagement in the fight.
Darth Vader finally freed himself of Batman’s captire and joined Hulk. With the Force drew Vader his lightsaber. He didn’t like the idea of a retreat, but there was no choice. This heores are amazingly strong as they fight together. But what if they got separated? In a mind of Darth Vader a plan slowly started to grow. Insidious and diabolic, but what other should be expected from the Sith Lord?



Darth Vader and Hulk vanished in a blink of an eye, our heroes remained left alone.

Batman: “This Vader is mine, perhaps it would be good to kill that green one as well.”
Cap: “No.”
Superman: “That green creature is your friend?”
Natasha: “Yes, Banner is our friend. He is fine, though currently under control of that Vader. I know how to calm him so he won’t hurt anyone more.”
Superman: “All right then. I see, all of us have a problem with that Darth Vader. Let’s find him and see how the situation turns.”

Superman didn’t reveal his true intention. He believed, that Banner is harmless, but Darth Vader concerned him a lot. It was obvious even he is a soldier. That who pulled the strings was the one who cared. That person will know, where his friend, Mr. Farty, is currently.